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Plastic Surgery

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MiQ lateral canthoplasty

Do you want to natural eyes?
Standard amountDecide after consultation

* The standard amount may change depending on the quotation

MiQ lateral canthoplasty

# MiQ lateral canthoplasty Surgical procedure



Before surgery, our specialists determine surgical procedure through 1:1 customized consultation.

According to the consultation, we design the Surgical part to be operated on.

Specialists firmly fasten the trim to the periosteum.

Afret surgery, you’ll get natural eyes. 



* Do not stick to a single operation method unconditionally. 
You need to find suitable operation method to you through the enough consultation.
* Case by case, there may be unexpected side effects and complications such as postoperative bleeding, infection, bruising, edema.

# You might consider lateral canthoplasty if:
01. You want to have bigger eyes
02. You have bad first impression 
03. You are dissatisfied with a previous eye surgery



- We will improve your first impression with surgery

- We can minimize potential of adhesion
- Reversal of lateral canthoplasty is available 
- The width of the eye is widened naturally

- Fast recovery

 Miq clinic

Our various experience and know-how can minimize side effects and create natural beauty.

We always understand patients and help patients to overcome the complex.?

Our various experience and know-how can minimize side effects and create natural beauty.


Our promise 

1:1 customized surgery

1:1 customized counseling and surgery based on personal characteristics such as individual's skin condition, physical structure, age, lifestyle etc.


Pursue Natural beauty

We do not recommend unnecessary or excessive surgery.

We always pursue Natural beauty.


Thorough management

All surgery has risk of side effects, but we will provide you full explanation of the side effects and precautions, and will comply with medical guidelines to minimize side effects.


Continuous study

We are studying 365 days!

In order to have a sophisticated young sense, we participate in academic activities, seminars and lectures.



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