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Hair Transplant

Meet filled hair through The Black Hair Transplant!
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Meet filled hair through The Black Hair Transplant!

Growing hair on both sides of the head and back is not affected by genetic influences and hormones, 

so the hair is almost preserved in bald people as well.

If the optical hair is transplanted to the bald area, the hair grows normally.

And then if the hair that will become bald is transplanted to the back of head, it becomes thin hair.

It means that the cause of baldness is not the scalp but the hair itself

The Black Hair Transplant Procedures 

Causes of hair loss?

How to prevent hair loss?


 The Black Hair Transplant

Only appointed doctors perform hair transplant


The Black Hair Transplant Network is specialized in hair transplant.

We have been in this industry for more than 15 years providing unique treatments and 

performing high standard hair transplant procedures with cutting edge equipment.

We always welcome inquiries, listen attentively to every patient

and strive to put our best efforts forward to provide hope, trust  to all our patients.

Our promise

Promise 01. TRUST

Only appointed doctors perform hair transplant 

These days, there are some cases that non-medical practitioner such as staff, 

hair follicle separator performs hair transplant in some hospital.

But, we don’t.


Only appointed doctors perform hair transplant from beginning to end.  

So, don’t worry about that!


Promise 02. In 5minute

Conscious sedation is not allowed more than 5 minutes 


Conscious sedation is given only 5 minutes to relieve pain.

Under conscious sedation, you will stay awake and aware,

the doctor can speak with you, and you will be able to respond.

So, we perform surgery more carefully.

Promise 03. SEPARATE

A special separation team in the hospital take responsibility for safe follicle separation

We can perform surgery anytime because our separation team is prepared always.

We take responsibility for the result of surgery, and we separate our patient hair carefully to reduce loss of hair.

Promise 04. No Recycling

We never recycle the disposable product

We never recycle the disposable product such as gauze, needle and so on.

Surgery is performed under local anesthesia, so you can check all surgical situations.

Promise 05. TOTAL CARE

We professionally treat hair loss and transplant

From hair loss treatment, diagnosis and scalp management to hair transplant, everything about hair loss is done in one place.

We care your hair thorough our non-stop total care system.







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