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Plastic Surgery

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V-Line Surgery

“V-Line surgery” is a type of jaw reduction surgery intended to contour and slim the lower jaw, creating a more streamlined profile.
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V-Line Surgery


“V-Line surgery” is a type of jaw reduction surgery intended to contour and slim the lower jaw, creating a more streamlined profile. 

It takes less time to perform and can reduce swelling and pain compared to other facial contouring surgery.

If you dissatisfied with general square jaw reduction, consider V-line surgery.


Get a small, slim and sophisticated image through V-Line Surgery!

Have a confidence with smooth face line!




Who are the eligible candidates for the procedure?




Pins are not required because this method is not necessary to cut the tip of the chin.

Doctor will reshape your chin line, so you can expect streamlined profile after surgery!



1. Doctor analyze the anatomy of the patient using X-RAY

2. Doctor make an extensive plan through 1:1 consultation

3. Doctor perform customized surgery


 ABLE Plastic Surgery Clinic

Your confidence begins with our service

Your confidence begins with our service


Always be with you

Attitude of understanding patients is important.

We will work on behalf of you and find solution what you want.



The medical specialist with years of experience and know-how


We perform satisfactory surgery with safe and proven method through plentiful clinical experience

also, we consider patients safety first, and always research on facial contouring surgery.



We have high-tech medical equipment



We have high-tech medical equipments such as digital X-ray machine, 

affirm laser, facial contouring machine and so on. 

We will try to provide safe medical services to many patients.


Welcome to stylish and cosy space


We prepared a special place where you feel comfortable.

Welcome to ABLE! 



1. You have to see a doctor after 1-2 days following surgery

outpatient treatment is required to treat surgical area and do the passage observation for 2-3 times following surgery


2. You can return to daily routine after 3~4 days following surgery, 

Also, you can work but it takes 5~7 days to recovery

after a week, come and do breast massage to prevent capsular contracture 


3. Avoid sleeping that put your breast down on the bed for 1~2 weeks


4. Stop drinking and smoking for 4 weeks following surgery


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