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Plastic Surgery

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Nose sergery

WE hospital use autologous cartilage, not artificial cartilage in nose surgery.
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WE hospital’s Nose surgery?



WE hospital use autologous cartilage, not artificial cartilage in nose surgery.

The autologous cartilage wraps surgical area one more with the fascia so it has fewer side effect. 

The procedure is planned and customized as per the patient’s requirement so you may get satisfied result you wanted!



Features of WE hosptal’s Nose surgery 



Autologous cartilage


Nasal septum cartilage

It is flat-shaped and is mainly used for extending nasal length or making a nasal bridge


Autologous dermis

It feels soft, but has a limit to making a slender shape, so it is mainly used for performing re-surgery 


Autologous fat

It has some sensation and feels soft, but the injected fat may be reabsorbed by the body


Ear cartilage

It is suitable for reinforcing the nasal shape because of curved shape


Costal cartilage

It is located at rip end and is used for correcting tip of nose, nasal septum, bridge of nose, but it may change as time goes by


The fascia

A fibrous membrane which wraps the outside of the muscle is effective for the people who have thin skin, but it may change as time goes by




Artificial prosthesis



It is most commonly used for nose surgery and is suitable for making nasal line 

because its shape is not changed or absorbed by the body after surgery



It feels soft compare to silicone, but it can be low as time goes by



It is artifcial bone.

there is an ingrowth which in the holes of medpor, after ingrowth, it become a own bone



It is third-generation implants which made by combining the advantages of Silicone and Goretex


 We Hospital

WE Health Promotion Center be with you!

WE Health Promotion Center


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WE Health Promotion Center be with you!

Moving one step forward, pursuing active concept of 'Promotion' is the philosophy of the WE Health Promotion Center. 


Our Program



WE Beauty Center

WE beauty center is located at Mt.Halla which is 350M above sea level.

we will provide you perfect hotel service and anti-aging with natural healing.

With the support of the Jeju Halla Hospital, the best specialist in plastic surgery and dermatology in korea are performing medical treatment.

Now, Experience more safe and complete medical care at the WE Beauty Center.




WE Beauty Center's specificity

We have various natural healing program using jeju-island nature,

we allow for high quality total health care service. 


We will provide the best beauty being in existence that combined in harmony the plastic surgery, 

laser procedure, skin care and body treatment etc.

We hope that you experience real healing at WE Beauty Center. 




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