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WE provide High-qualified Korean medical service & Reasonable price

Amaris Red LASIK

7-dimensional eyeball tracking device allows fine motion adjustment
Standard amount1,000,000 ₩(KRW) ~

* The standard amount may change depending on the quotation

Amaris Red LASIK


-1050Hz Highest-level laser cutting speed


-7-dimensional eyeball tracking device allows fine motion adjustment


- It can minimize dry eye syndrome




Excellence of Amaris Red LASIK


Interesting results came out from the largest LASIK surgery hospital in Japan, Shinagawa LASIK Center.


they achieved 100% success rate in becoming 1.0 eyesight after Amaris Red LASIK surgery. 


also achieved 98% success rate in becoming 1.5 eyesight.




Why Amaris Red LASIK?


- Fast recovery
- It can minimize pain
- You can get back into your Daily Routine as soon as possible

Related product

A Co-Wave LASIK that enhances the quality of eyesight after surgery

It can enhance the quality of vision by smoothing an irregular cornea into a more normal shape.



Techniques for stiffening the cornea
A substantial proportion of the cornea consists of collagen (70%), 
so our cornea can maintain proper elasticity and strength.
Techniques for stiffening the cornea enrich corneal collagen fibers. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma to maximize corneal regeneration effect 
The autologous serum eye drops consist of the patient's own blood, 
so it is suitable to your own immune component. 
If you use the autologous serum eye drops, you can relieve dry eye syndrome!


 Sky Eye Clinic

Sky Eye Clinic always takes responsibility

Only with Sky Eye Clinic!


Sky Eye Clinic always takes responsibility.


we provide re-correction surgery for free to all patients who had took surgery already at our clinic.


also Sky Eye Clinic support all the procedure including eye tests and surgery.


We have foreign Coordinators and they will care of you from A-Z.


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