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Service Introduction

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+82-2-6958-6563 Weekdays    AM 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Saturday, Sunday, Holidays)  

Service Introduction

WE provide High-qualified Korean medical service & Reasonable price

KMTC (Korea Medical Tourism Cloud)

Online to offline O2O services based on the global healthcare lifecycle.

  • Providing reliable information
    through search engine &
    Customized recommendations

  • When a consumer visits Korea,
    Provide one-stop service

  • Various after-service which is
    connected by tourism business

  • Encourage re-visits
    with reliable feedback


We provide reasonable price and transparent information on service such as medical & tourism, culture and sports in Korea. Overseas medical tourists can use online-based Korean medical tourism platform that can offer customized services. It was established to resolve excessive commissions and Price-fixing by broker company. We have excellent domestic medical services and various options (medical care, tourism, accommodation package, etc.) through close connection to medical institutions, travel agencies and accommodation facilities. We are doing our best to provide the best service and the customers can get service from search to reservation, payment and management in real time.


◎ For Customer

  • - Simplify booking services with customized engine
  • - Easy process of booking and payment
  • - High satisfaction with one-stop service of medical tour cycle

◎ For Partner

  • - Close partnerships with hospitals and agents
  • - Easy to use with partner-only service
  • - Sharing management role with partner

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